Manage photos and videos on smartphone with the Carousel App

carousel-from-dropboxAre you looking for a gallery app that can store and manage all the memorable photos and videos on your Smartphone? If your answer is yes, then why not try the incredible Carousel App from Dropbox? In simple words, this app has everything to let you experience your videos and photos a better way.

Never Lose Your Precious Memories

Of all the things that concern you about your Smartphone, losing even a single photo or video captured in it can be the scariest one. Isn’t it? After-all, those are the precious memories of the remarkable moments in your life. Carousel understands well what these photos mean to you, and so it takes care of their safety.

The app has a great feature of backing up all the photos and videos on your phone to the Dropbox. If ever you lose your phone, or if there is any accidental damage done to it, your photos and videos in it will be completely safe. To retrieve them, you just need to sign into, and there you can find all of them in the “Camera Upload” folder.

Get More Storage Space

It’s actually quite annoying to see “No Space” or “Memory Full” message while you are busy capturing pictures and saving them on your Smartphone. Now, you do not need to delete the old photos to capture the new ones, especially when you have Carousel on your phone.

This amazing app lets you enjoy extra spaces each time your run out of memory. As a matter of fact, you get around 3GB of extra storage space just for installing this app and verifying the email address. Besides, there are many other ways to get even more storage space for your photos and videos, like the following:

– By referring your family members and friends to join Dropbox

– Upgrading the account

– Installing it on your other devices etc.

Share as Many Photos and Videos as You Can Instantaneously

Sharing the photos and videos of a fantastic vacation, birthday, or any special occasion, with your group of friends and relatives is fun in itself. Hence, Carousel lets you share as many photos and videos as you want. Just capture them, swipe to the share cart, enter the numbers or email ids of your friends and relatives you want to share them with, and you are done.

It will just take a few seconds for all the photos and videos to reach the people you want them to. Don’t worry even if they don’t use this app, as they will instantly get a message to download it and access the pictures and videos.

Above all, the best aspect of this feature of sharing is that there is almost no limit to the number and sizes of the videos and photos to be shared. You can instantaneously share even hundreds of them at one time.

No wonder, the Carousel app from Dropbox is today one of the most popular Smartphone applications that people love to manage their memorable moment with.