Importance of Cloud Computing

First of all, let’s see what is meant by Cloud Computing? The full term was formulated in the year 2007. The term “Cloud” is used to explain the internet. So, it can easily be described as computing (storage, services, applications, etc.) taking place on the internet by the users.


For instance, if you are considering using web applications of famous firms like Microsoft or Google then it means that you are simply using “Cloud Computing”. The applications such as Google, Hotmail, Drop box, Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs and Sales force are the types of it because when you connect with these services, you have access to a huge integrated server collection on the internet.

Why Cloud Computing is necessary?

Normally, large organizations try to use such applications that can lower the cost (shared management, architecture, storage, etc.) and distributed connections (like, global access). By the help of cloud computing, resources can be shared, therefore, one email server connection can serve more than 400 companies instead of all of them requiring buying a separate server for their internal email purpose for instance. Thus, it has the ability to reduce cost or expenditures of an individual company providing their services locally. As said before, “Cloud” means the internet.

Nowadays, lots of companies have presented their applications on the internet and got integrated characteristics through a browser that allows them to connect from various computing platforms (like that of Mac, Linux, Windows, etc.).

Why is it important for your business to have it?

Convenient: If you are running applications on your own server in your office, then it definitely requires maintenance, the time and the cost in order to keep them running regularly and upgrading. If you use Cloud Computing then you are able to use same application but that application will be executed on the internet server. In lots of cases, the upgrading, running and maintenance of server is handled by an application provider or data center. Furthermore, the server also allows its users to use applications without requiring to set-up anything to the computer.

Efficient: Have you imagined that your organization will use Goggle Docs or Office 360 instead of Open office or Microsoft? From its services, the organization does not need to spend lots of money on maintenance, licensing fees, updating etc.

One disadvantage of office based cloud computing is, it depends upon a trustworthy internet service. Also, a slow network connection might make your experience unpleasant if there are too long gaps between different functions.

Flexible: This global solution has been designed to fulfill the needs of business organizations. It adjusts according to your requirements. You might remove or add users and spike or set up accessible time.

More Secure: More sophisticated or reliable security system but inter-reliant with the organization using the server. It might not be appropriate for private data.

Cheaper: While using Cloud Computing, you will find that the company will not incur such large amount of capital expenses and most of the services grow with the passage of time according to your needs. For small companies, cost is also bearable.