About Dropbox for Teams

Dropbox is a phenomenon that is becoming more and more popular amongst workgroups, busy individuals, and project teams around the word – and for good reason. Not only is it an excellent tool for teams when used in its standard incarnation, but it’s also got an excellent, specialized form for use specifically by teams. This is called (creatively) Dropbox for Teams, and features a variety of features specific to what busy workgroups would need to function correctly. If you’re part of a team and happen to be interested (we know you are), read on: We will go over the features of the suite and why you need it.

Maximum Storage Capacity

Dropbox is well known for providing its users with quite a bit of storage in individual accounts for free, and with a whole lot more for a miniscule extra charge. When it comes to a team account, it is no different with its ability to provide everything you need: Additional storage comes at no extra cost (yes, you read that right); individual users have their own storage limits; and storage is shared for easy access by all members of the team. If your workgroup needs a place to put everything it’s done at the end of the day and store its projects in progress – well, you can’t really do any better than Dropbox for teams.

Powerful Security

Not only do you have all the storage in the world, but you’ll have all the security you could possibly need, as well. Files are encrypted with the same scheme used by banks to protect identity information while in the Dropbox itself, and by the same high-powered scheme when they’re on the way from place to place and most vulnerable, as well. This means nothing you write with your workmates is likely to get stolen – and if it ends up in the wrong hands, they won’t be able to do anything with it, anyway.

On top of all the powerful encryption, Dropbox also backs up all user data on several different physical machines, so even if you lose your copy, and your team loses its copy, Dropbox still has every copy. The Pack-Rat system allows every user to access every version of every file they have uploaded to the Dropbox. That means it doesn’t matter if you lose everything from your computer. It doesn’t matter that you no longer have the old version that worked better. It doesn’t matter that you can’t find that memo from a month ago. It’s all sitting in the program network, whether you have it or not. How’s that for reassurance and reliability?

Easy Administration

When it comes to paying for subscription services, managing several users all at once can be tedious. At least, if it’s not through a centralized billing system, like it is. Pay in one place, manage user privileges in one place, and see what’s going on, everywhere, all from one place. Easy, reliable, advanced, and secure: Dropbox is really everything any team needs to function as it should.