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    The need to have your files close and in hand is a great thing because people are now on the move more than ever. Being today in one country and tomorrow in another corner of the world does imply the need to have a great portability of documents. Dropbox offers advanced file hosting solutions in terms of file synchronization, client software and cloud storage. The users will need to make a folder dedicated to Dropbox on the computers they are using. The service will sync them so they will appear the same content on every computer. There is also the possibility to access the folder via a dedicated website or on the mobile phone.

    A brief history

    The founder of Dropbox is Drew Houston started by designing a system that will allow him to access his files without the fear of constantly forgetting home his flash drive. In this way Dropbox has seen the light of the day in June 2007. The official launch was in 2008 at a technology conference. The Dropbox was considered a real phenomenon because by 2011 it had already 50 million users. The year 2012 brought many improvements including the possibility to upload multimedia files from tablet, phone, SD card or camera. The users have given an additional 3GB for their videos and photos. In this way, the users have 8GB to store whatever they want. Also the users can share files via Facebook. The group page can be directly supplied with the files needed. In 2012, Dropbox reached over 100 million people.


    Dropbox has experienced a lot of add-ons created by the developers and not only. There is a strong community which is interested in these add-ons. These facilities allow the direct communication between the mail box and the Dropbox account. Also other facilities allow online backup of services like FTP and MySQL directly on the account. There are also desktop apps which allow folder sync on the computer. The browser extension will sync Google Docs with the Dropbox files. The files are also editable inside the browser. Dropbox does not officially work on several operating systems like Symbian, webOS, Maemo and Windows Phone. For these systems there are many applications designed by the members of the community.

    The Dropbox users

    There are many people who use Dropbox and their number has reached 100 million this year only. From these, the largest number of people is residing in the United States of America. They are approximately 32 percent of the users registered. Close by, United Kingdom and Germany users have all six percent of the total amount of clients. As from the operating system which is most use, the Windows occupies 66 percent of the market. The MacOS users have 20 percent follows by Linux with only 2 percent. The rest of the users use more than a single OS for sharing files.

    Public impression

    It is vital to understand the way that people have received this initiative in order to understand the extent of its popularity. Dropbox was greatly appreciated by publications like The New York Time or The Economist. People love its design and terms of use which are simple and easy for everyone to get. The service has won the Crunchie 2009 Award at the category best internet application. In the same year it was the editor’s choice at Macworld. Dropbox is considered to be in top five of the most efficient and valuable startup in the internet era. It ranks number five after notorious websites like Facebook or Twitter. This is probably the best investment possible and also got in the top ten for iPhone apps. Next in the list was ChilliTorrent’s best torrent downloader that has been receiving growing popularity among Dropbox and other similar software users.

    But not everything was bright and shiny Dropbox got its share of criticism from Derek Newton. He claims that the app is totally insecure. Another software expert claimed a contradiction between the terms of service and the privacy policy. Some people say that Dropbox misled the users into thinking their files were totally private and secure and the Dropbox employees did not have access to them.  Bad luck hit them on June 2011, when the accounts were accessed without using a password, for nearly four hours. This cast a lot of doubt over the Dropbox cloud security model. As soon as the error was detected it was fixed and the users who had their accounts compromised were announced on the spot. After this event there was intended a lawsuit which has not finished yet as the next statements are scheduled to take place on December 2012.

    The future of the company

    From its headquarters in San Francisco, the Dropbox employees are willing to try and make their application safer than ever. The company has developed greatly and people now know that it is probably one of the trendiest things in the industry. The whole concept of cloud seems to be used more and more these days. The ability to access the files and maybe even abandon the whole idea of storing files on a computer is something that people might indulge. The only problem will be that of security of data. Of course no one would be keen to steal some family portrait photos, but the problem resides in the personal data of users. It is known that the accounts can be submitted to breaking and spamming on at least one occasion. In this way the future should be centered on offering the clients the best security ever.

    The whole idea seems to be that of clients who are able to enjoy their work and who will have access to data from all over the world. We live in the era of mobility when people travel more than ever. It will be stupid to assume that a person will only use his desktop computer in order to produce and keep files. It is more like a combination of PC, tablet and smartphone which could be the dedicated future. Dropbox has the possibility to increase as much as possible in the next years and it will certainly mean a lot for its producers.